A traditional guest house with a view to the Mainalon Mountain Range that redefines the values of life suggesting picturesque tours to Dimitsana, Vytina and Stemnitsa.

A Traditional Guest House in Mountainous Arcadia

Our traditional guest house is situated in Mountainous Arcadia, right in the centre of the village Dara at an altitude of 900 m. only 185 km from Athens (approximately a 2-hour drive) and at a close range from Levidi and Vytina.
ξενωνες αρκαδια διαμονη δημητσαναArchontiko Kordopati is a characteristic example of the combination of traditional art and high aesthetics with a green orientation leading to the creation of a guest house complex where each building has individual decoration and bold coloring, comprising the very essence of the authentic history of local architecture.
Our great-grandfather’s old rustic shoe (tsarouchi) workshop has been transformed into a cosy loβυτινα διαμονη ξενωνες δημητσαναunge with a fireplace, using the dry stone technique for its decoration with a view to offering you moments of relaxation and joy that very few traditional guest houses can offer…

Archontiko Kordopati is one of the most authentic accommodations in the Mountainous Arcadia and guarantees a holiday in nature while your stay does not compromise quality. It combines the warmth of family surroundings with the modern concept of καταλυματα βυτινα ξενοδοχεια δημητσανα διαμονηservice, becoming all the more popular and gaining ardent fans.
Its unique location makes it ideal as a starting point for many activities and trips for those with an inclination to exploration either to the Mainalon Ski Centre, Levidi, Vytina, Dimitsana as well as all the mountainous villages on the Mainalon. Outdoor temperature may be flirting with zero but Archontiko Kordopati guarantees warm and hospitable evenings …

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